I recently came across a very informative article in an AARP bulletin about Marijuana,
written by Sari Harra. The most interesting section I found was regarding “CBD Health
or Hype”.
I feel the most important points she made were very valuable.
1) CBD will not get you high or make you feel euphoric.
2) Because CBD is largely unregulated, there are many unscrupulous manufacturers
and sellers in the market. Be sure you check carefully who you buy your product from.
Ask for testing of the content by an independent lab.
3) CBD does not cure everything as many companies claim. It is best in helping with
anxiety, sleep, inflammation and pain.
Most important, find a company you can trust. Start with a call to the company, and then
order a small amount until you are sure it is the right product for you.
At NaturalSolutionsProducts.com we have the testing, quality and efficacy you can trust.
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It would seem in this current time of powerful pain, sleep and anxiety drugs being prescribed and abused, people would be looking for a natural non-addictive alternative. I would submit that the alternative is CBD oil. This oil has received a bad reputation as many people mistakenly think it is the same as marijuana. The plant is in the same family, CBD oil is produced from industrial hemp. This does not create a “high”; its sole function is to produce therapeutic effects for conditions previously treated with powerful and sometime addictive drugs.

Because CBD is a nutraceutical it is not regulated by the FDA. It is considered a non controlled substance based on the recent U.S. farm bill passed in 2018. Because there is no oversight many companies are taking advantage of this.

We are all programmed from childhood that “more is better” therefore many CBD makers are selling 1000 mg bottles for a very high price. In reality they are referring to the amount of liquid in the bottle not the amount of actual CBD oil in the bottle.

This brings me to the specific difference between our brand “Natural Health CBD” and most of our competitors. Natural Health uses a revolutionary water suspension delivery system called Cannazorb/ Mimix technology. Because the oil is suspended in water it allows the system to absorb 85% of the total CBD oil. In Raw CBD oil products which use an oil suspension only 6% to 12% of the CBD oil is absorbed, the rest is simply passed thru the system. Natural Health CBD comes in a 100 mg bottle of which 30 mgs are actual CBD. Many of the competitors are in a 1000 mg bottle with 16 mg of actual CBD. As you can see Natural health gives you far more CBD oil and a much higher absorption rate.