Cannazorb Absorption Technology

Science has attempted to find many ways to fool the cell into accepting oil-based ingredients. The process of dispersing oil in water in the laboratory has been successfully achieved but does that translate to successful delivery in the body? The answer is a resounding "NO." Consuming ingredients and absorbing ingredients are two vastly different concepts.

The body makes oil-based ingredients available through micellization. This natural process allows lipids to penetrate the cell wall and be fully utilized by the body. The powerful Cannazorb delivery system found in Natural Health CBD oil products dramatically enhances bio-absorption by simply mimicking the natural oil delivery processes of micelllization*. Natural Solutions is a world leader in optimizing delivery and greatly enhancing the effectiveness of CBD Oil.


Unfortunately, common CBD oil is only a measly 6% bioavailable. 94% of the activates CBD flows through the digestive system and is passed with zero benefit to the body. The vast majority expensive product is simply wasted. Adding lab tested water soluble technologies such as liposomes, some companies claim to have doubled or tripled absorption. If this were to be true, the effective delivery rate jumps to 12-18%. Compare this to the proven absorption rate of 85% delivered utilizing the Cannazorb technology wherein consumption equals effectiveness.


Intestinal cells are covered with a membrane of water and only water-soluble ingredients can be easily absorbed. Lipid or oil nutrients must be acted upon by micelles which are contracted of gall salts. This process takes time and as a result, nearly 90% of lipids are excreted.

Extensive Testing

Our tests include a separate analysis for the cannabinoid profile, potential microbial life, mold, heavy metals, residual solvents and pesticides, herbicides and insecticides.