I recently came across a very informative article in an AARP bulletin about Marijuana,
written by Sari Harra. The most interesting section I found was regarding “CBD Health
or Hype”.
I feel the most important points she made were very valuable.
1) CBD will not get you high or make you feel euphoric.
2) Because CBD is largely unregulated, there are many unscrupulous manufacturers
and sellers in the market. Be sure you check carefully who you buy your product from.
Ask for testing of the content by an independent lab.
3) CBD does not cure everything as many companies claim. It is best in helping with
anxiety, sleep, inflammation and pain.
Most important, find a company you can trust. Start with a call to the company, and then
order a small amount until you are sure it is the right product for you.
At NaturalSolutionsProducts.com we have the testing, quality and efficacy you can trust.
Feel free to give us a call 256 627 0986

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